There are tectonic forces colliding when it comes to finance and technology. The old way market trades were executed, you would call your stock broker and put in your request, and they would execute the trade on your behalf. There was a significant cost to this. Then online brokers started to appear on the internet, replacing the middle man with a slightly smaller, more efficient middle man. After you signup for their service, for a much lower fee you can execute your own trades. Then Robinhood appeared. It cut out the middle man almost entirely. You can execute market trades, from your phone, for no cost.

The fact that more people don’t know about this technology, and what it means to finance, is actually kind of scary. The barriers of entry that held main street back from the fray, and put the market gatekeepers on a pedestal, are gone. Can you still call a broker and make them do it? Sure, for $25. Can you still sign in your online brokerage account and trade? Sure, for $7.95. Now you can trade stocks, ETFs, Options, and even cryptocurrency, from your phone, for free. Stop getting nickel and dimed by investing commission-free.

Below is an affiliate link to join Robinhood. If your application is approved, we both get a random stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free!